In May 2013, the TRT was contacted by a Year 10 Student from North Sydney who wanted to help rehabilitate a racehorse as part of her extensive school project.

“Last year, the issue of horse wastage came to my attention, whilst at the same time, I had to submit a plan for a major year-long school project” Student Miranda Crossley explained to us.

So the idea came about of rescuing one of the horses who didn’t quite make the cut in the racing industry. “I knew it would be a tough task but the motivation to rescue one of these beautiful creatures kept my spirits high.”

Miranda Crossley was clearly passionate about rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming a racehorse for her project, but wasn’t sure where to start until she found out about our Thoroughbred Retraining Program.

“I was finding it very difficult to co-ordinate the horse’s rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming as an individual, so I was delighted to hear about the work of the NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust and their Retraining Program.”

To help raise funds to retrain a horse in the Program, Crossley held a fundraiser at Nilgiri’s Restaurant. “We had an overwhelming response and so many people - friends, family and even strangers - donated to the cause as well as coming and indulging in the cocktail party. I was also fortunate enough to have many local businesses donate contributions to help raise the necessary money.”

Just before the fundraiser, I got a message from Scott Brodie from the NSW TRT about Barramundi Cod. He was an ideal candidate for rescue.

Barramundi Cod only had a short career on track, having 7 starts in the Riverina area for a third placing. The bay gelding was retired in May 2013 at the age of 4, at the same time Crossley began her search with the Program for her project.

The fundraiser in June raised over $6,000 which was promptly donated to the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust to assist in the Retraining Program.

Barramundi Cod was an excellent pupil and was sold to a new home in the Northern Suburbs for Dressage only 12 months after being donated to the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program.

“I am so grateful to the Trust for rehabilitating and rehoming him, but I am also so grateful to everyone else who has donated or even just given an encouraging word to the project. I wish Barramundi Cod and his new owner all the best of luck for the future, as I know he is a fantastic horse.”