When you create a program that centres on caring for animals, it’s hard to keep the genuine volunteers away!
A group of four passionate and dedicated volunteers have been with the NSW TRT since the conception first developed at the ATC security stables in Randwick nearly 2 years ago.

Cheryl and John Rennie, Diane Irvin and Sandra Sleeman are well known to anyone who has an involvement with the NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust. They volunteer at the Canterbury facilities every Monday, cleaning the office, stables, tack room and gear, and more often than not, bring a lovingly prepared lunch to the trainers and staff working with the TRT horses.

But their hard work doesn’t stop there! These TRT volunteers are always spotted at every demonstration, fundraiser and competition day that crops up. Whether they are gathering prizes for raffles, taking around the collection bucket, or handing out flyers, they are always willing to spread the word to the world about the TRT and help in any little way they can.

The dedication shown by Cheryl, John, Diane and Sandra are to be commended, and we sincerely thank them for their continued support.